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Startups change everything. They change outcomes, experiences, and lives. The truth is, they change the world. The statistics, however, show that they face a daunting future. 56% of startup companies fail because of marketing reasons. Building a solution without a problem, pricing and cost issues, not having a clear target or messaging, ignoring customers– these are just some of the marketing related misses that can cause a company to stumble. That's where Seed Marketing comes in.

We have seen startups succeed and fail. We have also seen marginally successful startups that could have created even more value. Our experience and knowledge has revealed that the tipping point for a startup to succeed is when they bring on the right marketing expertise early enough to inform the product development and commercialization efforts. Simply put, ventures that invest early in commercial expertise end up with the best exit. We love startups and we want you to succeed.

Creating a commercial advantage for healthcare startups to change the world.

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